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Prometheus Magma X is a triple torch flame pocket lighter whose quality and reliability have been time-tested since its launching in 2017. It is constructed with built-in punch cutter. Prometheus offers Limited Two-Year Warranty and Lifetime Repair Service.

The regular collection of Prometheus Magma X are built with Triple Torch Flame.The 2018, 2019 and 2020 limited edition models of Prometheus Magma X were produced with Flat Flame. Prometheus Magma X has a large gas tank window.The blue gauge shows how much gas is in the tank. Prometheus Magma X has built-in punch cutter. Prometheus Magma X is a compact version of our table lighter, Magma T. Both Magma T and X have built-in punch cutters. 

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Prometheus Magma X

Additional information

  • X1 - Black Lacquer / Chrome
  • X4 - Gunmetal Vertical Lines
  • XP7 - LE' 22 Prometheus 30th Rose Gold
  • XFD - LE' 22 Purple Rain White Lacquer
  • X6 - Chrome Vertical Lines
  • XFC - LE' 22 Purple Rain Black Lacquer
  • X5 - Gunmetal Barley


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