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Arturo Fuente Ultimate Collection Book By Assouline

Arturo Fuente Ultimate Collection Book By Assouline. Humble, resilient, and strong: The Arturo Fuente family is all that and more. Their saga begins with Don Arturo Fuente in pursuit of the American Dream, deploying his cherished Cuban artisanal strengths, then continues to his son, Don Carlos Fuente Sr., grandson, Carlos “Carlito” Fuente Jr., and his sister, Don Arturo’s granddaughter, Cynthia Fuente. Waiting in the wings: the up-and-coming fourth generation.

The pleasure of a smoke and the comfort, solace, and camaraderie found in a great cigar have been a source of enjoyment for centuries. This book tells the tale of a true legacy, from Fuente’s earliest years to the creation of the world-renowned Fuente Fuente OpusX, the first commercially viable all-Dominican-grown and -rolled puro ever—and its remarkable resultant contribution to the evolution of modern cigars.

Richly illustrated with exclusive photography by Ian Spanier, Arturo Fuente: Since 1912 is penned by author and cigar doyen Aaron Sigmond. It celebrates the accomplishments of the past three generations of the Fuente family, their cigars, and how their surname, and the OpusX marque, have become synonymous with epicurean global luxury. With contributions from actor-director Andy García and Ciro Cascella, the executive president of Tabacalera A. Fuente, this volume is a tribute to the cigar as a timeless passion, and to the Fuente family.

This oversize hand-bound book, finished with authentic hand-tipped cigar bands and presented in a handcrafted clamshell box, is a must-have for any cigar connoisseur— especially so for Arturo Fuente devotees.

  • 240 pages
  • over 125 illustrations
  • English language
  • Release in February 2023
  • W 15.4 x L 18.5 x D 3 in
    Handcrafted volume in a faux leather clamshell
  • ISBN: 9781649801043
  • 17.0 lbs.
  • Aaron Sigmond, an internationally recognized authority on cigars, has traversed the world of cigars, both personally and professionally, for over 30 years. In that time, he was the founding editor of Smoke magazine and The Cigar Report, as well as a contributor to Maxim, the contributing cigar editor for Playboy magazine, and the author of Playboy: The Book of Cigars. Sigmond’s previous books for Assouline include Bulova: A History of Firsts (2018), The Impossible Collection of Cigars (2019), and Accutron: From the Space Age to the Digital Age (2020).

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Arturo Fuente Ultimate Collection Book By Assouline 


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